No Looking Back

Reading in the Sacred GroveTalofa! P-Day here in the MTC is on Friday so when you just can’t stand not hearing from me anymore you can count the minutes until Friday.

What to tell you? Well Grandma and Grandpa Erickson along with De’ja dropped me off Wednesday and I haven’t had a moment to look back since! I love the MTC! My companion is Elder Leiataua from Compton Califorina. Both his parents are Samoan so he understands some words and get the pronunciation but still has to learn how to speak it like the rest of the palagi (pa-la-langi) (white kids) in our district. When I first walked in to my classroom my teacher was only speaking Samoan and I had no clue what I had signed up for. This language is pretty different from anything I’ve studied before but is similar to Spanish in the fact that adjectives come after the noun. We’ve covered the basic greetings and introduction phrases. The vocab and pronunciation are coming slowly but surely and I know that with Heavenly Father’s help I’ll get it soon.
My district has 10 Elders from all over the United States and we’re all headed to Samoa at the end of our 6 weeks in the MTC. We’re already having so much fun and getting along really well. We’re only on our third day of knowing each other and we’re having so much fun. All of the rest of our zone is either learning Marshallese, Kitibati, Tongan, or Fijian and the new Elders that arrived the same day we did think we’re crazy because of how loud and lively we are.
So far it’s been a pretty big adjustment having to have every minute of the day scheduled out and having to wake up at6:30 in the morning. I really enjoy it though. It’s great not having to feel like you’re wasting time or you could be using your time better. I know that serving a mission and representing the Lord is how I need to spend the next two years. I know that as I work hard and do everything I can to live worthily the Lord will bless me and that these next two years will fly by.
I love all of you and so does your Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Have a great week and I’ll write you in 7.
Elder Erickson
Here’s some words for you.
Tina- mom
Tama- dad     (the A’s at the end go up when you’re saying it.)