“Thanks, Mom.”

P1030587Dear Mom:


Elder Erickson and Elder Leiataua

Love you too and can’t wait to call you from the airport! Also I found out that in Samoa I probably won’t have email. So there goes the ‘quick’ communication we do have. I sent all of you a letter so keep an eye out for that and please respond! I need to get used to the pen and paper. The language is coming and is really pretty simple once you break it down. What is even better is the language of the Spirit that I’m learning to understand so much better. I love the MTC and cannot wait to get to the field! I’ll sit down and write a big huge weekly report later today and mail it to you. Getting kinda strapped for time here with the 60 mins of email time. It really goes by quick with all the friends out there serving too. Plus I want to get used to actually writing letters. Maybe keep them and make a special little book? Love you so so much and think about all you’ve taught me often. Thanks so much to all the time you’ve devoted to me. I know these two years are going to fly by and it’s great how I’m already seeing that.

Here’s some pictures for ya.
1. My companion and I
2. My Badge!
Can’t wait to hear from you!
-Elder Doran Erickson