Welcome Letter from President and Sister Tolman

President and Sister TolmanYesterday, we received a call from Sister Tonumaipea, Secretary of the Samoa Apia Mission. She requested email addresses and asked if we were excited about Doran’s call to Samoa. “Of course!” we replied.  Shortly thereafter, Becky and I received a welcome letter  (see text below) from President and Sister Tolman as well as some additional information regarding Suits, Bicycles, Socks, and Gold Bond. Once again, I feel confident that Doran is well-suited to a mission in Samoa!

-Robert Erickson

28 July 2014

Dear Elder Doran Ross Erickson,

Congratulations on your call to the Samoa Apia Mission. We are grateful for your acceptance of the call and look forward to you serving in Samoa. We are confident for you will be the instrument in God’s hands and bring many souls unto Christ. Be determined to work hard at the MTC and prepare yourself in every way possible. The Lord needs you here.

Our mission is headquartered in Apia on the island of Upolu. Missionaries also serve on the islands of Tutuila American Samoa, and Savaii. The people are friendly and have a love for God and spiritual things. You will find great success as you serve with love among the people. Pray for charity to love the people and every companion with whom you serve.

Attached is a separate page with information that may be useful as you prepare for your mission.

We express our love and appreciation to your family and are aware of the personal sacrifice each of you has made in making this mission possible. They will be blessed, as you will, through your faithful service.

Sister Tolman and I look forward to serving with you among the people of Samoa. May the Lord bless you as you prepare for one of the greatest experiences of your life.


President Reed C. Tolman
Samoa Apia Mission


Elders: Suits will be stored at the mission home during your entire mission. You might be wise not to spend a lot of money on a high quality suit. Bring durable shoes; proselyting in Samoa can be hard on shoes. If you choose to bring sandals, please remember they need to be dressy and not hiking sandals. Flip flops or croc-type shoes can only be worn on extremely rainy days.

Sisters: Choose light weight blouses and skirts. Jackets are too warm for Samoa. You may want to bring a lightweight sweater for early morning or late nights, although they will be used very little. Bring supportive and durable shoes. You may bring dressy sandals, but remember you will be walking on paths and dirt roads much of the time. Flip flops or croc-type shoes can only be worn on extremely raining days.

You will be allowed to take one large suitcase and your carry-on with you as you travel the mission. Any additional suitcase will be stored at the mission office, and you will be required to leave some things stored in the suitcase. Please provide locks for all of your suitcases.

The following are items you may want to bring with you in addition to the usual missionary clothes and supplies:

  1. Gold Bond Medicated powder.
  2. Plenty of good quality, light weight socks. Sisters, you may want to bring some socks to slip on when you enter a Samoan home. It is customary to remove shoes when in a home. Many missionaries prefer their feet to be protected by socks.
  3. A shoe shine kit.
  4. Hand sanitizer.
  5. Paper for letter writing, envelopes, and postage stamps. Samoa currently is a letter-writing/no email mission.