Hey, Mom and Dad:

Just thought of something that might enhance my mission experience. Is anyone using the large print quad [scriptures] that mom got for her birthday a while back? If not, could I? I promise they will get a lot of love and attention in Samoa. If nobody plans on using them, I think it would be nice to use them to su’esu’e (study).

The language is coming along. They’ve taught us pretty much all the sentence structure. Now, we just have to practice and get more vocab down. 

Question for both of y’all. “Did you find out why you were called to the Tucson Arizona mission?” I keep hearing everyone say that you’re called to your mission for a specific reason and I believe that, but it’s kind of hard to know. And I probably won’t know till I’m there in less than two weeks. It’s just hard because never in my life have I ever considered traveling to Samoa or known a Samoan person. Much like you, the most interaction with Samoans has been with the Girl Scout cookies we know and love. Let me know if you do know why you were called there. Maybe so you could meet each other and send a son to Samoa? You never know, but Heavenly Father does. 

Love you so much. 


Elder Erickson

PS: No, I won’t change my hand writing. [See sample below. -The Editor]

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