Thinking Outside the Box

ERICKSON FAMILY! Or should I say Aiga Elikison? (Family Erickson). Week three at the MTC is in the books and already they are trying to get us out of here. We got our travel plans today! We leave August 23 and fly from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles to Auckland, NZ to Apia, Western Samoa.  We get there on August 25 and completely skip the 24th. Kinda crazy.

So here’s a couple more things I learned about Samoa. Hopefully, I haven’t mentioned them already. In Samoa, 70% of our lunches and 100% of our dinners will be covered by members. So we’ll just have to worry about our own breakfast and that’s about it. Also like 98% of these dinners we’ll get served fried chicken. So no KFC for me when I get back. Also, Samoans have a really strange sense of humor they think like violent threats are crazy funny. Like “I’m going to punch your teeth out and make your nose bleed”. Ha ha. Different. So don’t get mad at me when I can’t crack a joke in two years. Also, they’ll go “Are you eating that? And touch the food, or pass you a drink and put their thumb in the drink. It will be different, but good thing I’m not a germaphobe. We should be seeing some pictures and such pretty soon. I can’t wait!

Tonight we taught a lesson and after our investigator (teacher) said it was perfect! My pronunciation has gotten way better, the doctrine was just what the investigator needed, and we used a visual aid that I thought of.

I know that the Lord is helping us and the Spirit guides us when we plan and when we teach.

 We taught about the Great Apostasy and The Restoration. My visual aid was we took a box and put some candy and snacks inside. The box is Christ’s Church on earth and inside were things like prophets, apostles, baptism, priesthood, revelation, and so on. Now there were three things that supported the Church: Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the Priesthood.

As we know, Jesus Christ left, the apostles were killed, and the priesthood was removed from the earth. We had our hands supporting the box (+ our investigator’s) and each hand represented one of those three things. So our investigator represented Jesus and so he took his hand out from under it, then the apostle hand, and then when the priesthood hand no longer supports the box it falls. All the candy goes out all over and so a lot of people have a “piece” of the truth. Then in 1820 Joseph Smith had a question…

Ha ha, it went really well and our teacher thought it was good stuff. I can only thank my parents that taught me to “think outside the box” (see what I did there?) Ha ha anyways… this week was good. My molinau (testimony) grows every day and so does my knowledge of the Samoan language. I love it and this gospel. I know it’s true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that Jesus Christ does too. I know that we have prophets in this day and age. Why would he not? Hebrews 13:8. I know that if we have questions or problems we can go to Heavenly Father and ask for help. He will answer. We just have to listen to the Spirit and look for an answer. I can’t wait until all you other kids get the chance to serve a mission. This is one of the greatest experiences ever. Thanks, mom and dad, for setting a great example of missionary work all the time. Keep on keeping on and as always carpe diem.


Elder Doran Erickson