I Love Mail!

Hey hey!

Thanks for all the mail! Mark, Mike, Susan, Nat-a-fat, Raunchy, Ben, Matt, Thomas, Grandma, and Mom! 

Let everyone know that the MTC is great! It’s pretty crazy how much I’ve learned already! I am ready to head out though. The 23rd can’t come fast enough! (Don’t send mail after that unless it’s headed to Tutuila [American Samoa]). I love all of you, and all the attention from the mail. Don’t forget to send stuff to Brad too! I’m sure he’d love some mail too! I guess he does get e-mail, so that’s good. I’m taking it old-school with the handwritten letters only! I’ll really try and figure out how to send pictures once I’m out there. I don’t know that I want to trust an SD card to the Samoan Postal Service. I might just keep buying more and will have a Don and Cheryl style mission slideshow when I get back.

Rachel and Matthew: I’m working on the translation for “peeping wizard”. I’ll let you know!

Everything is good though. I got your package with the treats today! Thanks so much! I hope you get this soon because a jump rope would be great. I need to get those pounds down. Tell Natalie that 250 will not be happening. We’ll see if I can get that six-pack back 🙂 probably not when they feed us fried chicken all the time. One of my teachers ate a bat once though! I hope I get some of that!

Love all of you! The church is true and le Atua ma Iesu Kerso love you! (God and Jesus love you!)