One Down, 23 to Go :)


So I had an interview with my new Branch President and after I told him a little about myself, what kind of missionary I want to be, and how I was going to make sure I am that missionary, he told me something really awesome. He was a Mission President in Hawaii and so he has learned to use the gift of discernment and see how missionaries can be.

He told me that he knows I’m going to Samoa for a reason. Not only for the people, but for other missionaries too. He said that he can tell I’m a natural leader and that as I am a good example, I’ll be a great help to other missionaries. He said that my Mission President is going to be thrilled to have me.

I’ve got nine days left in the MTC. Crazy to think that I’ve been out for a month already. 23 more 🙂

I can’t wait until I step off that plane and get my butt kicked for three months until I start understanding. My teacher’s say about nine months in you’re pretty good with the language. Let me know your thoughts and love you so much!

By the way, “peeping wizards” translates “taulitu vavalo”, which kinda translates to “magic person visionary” – like the guys that tried to copy all of the plagues of Moses. So not really a direct translation, but close enough.

O oi o se taulitu vavalo = you are a peeping wizard.