Say a Few Prayers for Me?

This week was really something! Actually it wasn’t. We had to spend most of our time at home because your favorite missionary (ME) got some infected bug bites/blisters/idk (See Picture). So that was kind of a bummer and it hurt to walk so we couldn’t really get out and visit all the families that we wanted to this past week. Oh and now my throat hurts so hopefully I’m just getting everything out of the way for the rest of my time here. Say a few prayers for me?

We still were able to meet with 2 of our investigators and teach the Plan of Salvation! It’s incredible to see how Heavenly Father has given us answers to some of life’s biggest questions! When you put things into that Eternal perspective the Plan of Salvation offers it’s pretty special. The questions of “Where did I come from?” “Why am I here?” and “Where do we go after death?” can really make you wonder if you don’t know about the Plan of Salvation. It’s wonderful to know that before we came to Earth we were with our Heavenly Father and all of His children as spirits. Then (as mentioned by the living prophet of God in this last General Conference) we came to Earth to obtain a body and gain experience that comes from separation from our Heavenly Parents. After our time on Earth is finished we go to the Spirit World where we wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and resurrection and then ultimately the judgement where we will be placed in a Kingdom of Glory based on our deeds and thoughts here in mortality. It’s a great blessing to have this knowledge and know that if we take advantage of the Savior’s atonement we can again enter into the presence of God and live with Him forever.

Another interesting thing is how the Book of Mormon provides answers to these questions as well. I know that when we read the Book of Mormon and apply the teachings therein we can find happiness that not only lasts for this life but extends into the eternities. When we put off the things of the world that bring happiness for only a brief time we can find that lasting peace that comes from Christ (also mentioned in this past General Conference).

We got to watch General Conference as you can probably tell and it was even in English! I think this is the first time I haven’t fallen asleep during 2+ talks! I’ll admit that I nodded off for a bit during some of the Sunday Afternoon talks. But nonetheless I was able to be enlightened and strengthened by the talks from the inspired speakers. I really enjoyed President Ucthdorf’s talk about worlds without number especially since I recently finished an Astronomy class at BYU. It was great how he put into perspective that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there or that what we can’t see isn’t true. I definitely want to go back and study that talk once it’s printed.

Thanks for keeping me updated with all that’s going on at home! I love the van splattered in mud! It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been off-roading in a van (El Salvador flashback). I got the photo album today and already showed it to some kids! They love it and I can already see how it can be a great tool to introduce myself and seem more ‘normal’. Before serving a mission I used to think that the Elders and Sisters were like special people that just wanted to share the gospel 24/7 and never got tired or took breaks or whatever. Haha now I know that missionaries are normal people too. Make sure to ask the missionaries about their families and what they did before and what they plan on doing after their mission. Keep up the 2 minute drill at dinners too. Especially with our own family. It’s good practice. Trust me and trust your parents. They actually do know what they’re talking about!

Love all of you! The Church is true! I wouldn’t be stuck out here in the middle of the ocean if I didn’t know that Jesus is our Savior and that His true church has been restored to the Earth.

-Elder Erickson

Lo'u soa ma a'u (My companion and I)

Lo’u soa ma a’u (My companion and I)


Robert Louis Stevenson's Burial Place

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Burial Place

Kina lo'u vae

Kina lo’u vae

Selfie on Trail to Robert Louis Stevenson's Burial Place

Selfie on Trail to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Burial Place

Lo'u soa ma a'u (My companion and I)

Lo’u soa ma a’u (My companion and I)