A Wet Week

Hope all of you are doing as well as I am! This week was pretty good! Everything from getting soaked in the rain to soaking others in the Baptismal Font!

Our week started off just like any other. Kinda slow. Monday we didn’t do much besides email and scrounge for food because we’re never able to get a hold of the family that was fafaga that evening. But of course the Lord looks after His servants and we passed a family on the road that told us to come and eat at their house. The lord definitely looks after us. Just this morning we were invited in and fed breakfast. I think that the amount of people willing to feed us is mostly Samoan hospitality and love for missionaries but I know the Lord helps push us in the right direction as well.

On Tuesday every single one of our plans fell through. Luckily we were still able to visit with families and get some good work done. We were able to straighten out some paperwork problems with one of the primary kids that recently got baptized and just got to visit with the family and share a small message.

Wednesday brought no surprises as again most of our plans fell though. Haha I’ve learned to roll with it though. There is always something to do and someone to visit even if we don’t have a scheduled appointment with them. In fact sometimes it’s better to surprise people and share a message without a scheduled appointment. Same goes for impromptu opportunities to share our testimonies and what we know to be true.

Thursday we took our District Leaders to interview Piki for baptism! The interview went smoothly and everything was set for Saturday.

Friday we spent most of the day prepping for Saturday. We cleaned out the font well and planned who to visit for the split we were going to have.

So Saturday was the busiest day of the week by far. As proposed by the Stake President here, all the full time missionaries in our district came and brought ward missionaries from their areas. We paired people up with people from Moto’otua and visited a ton of people. In total we taught 20 lessons with members present, got 4 new investigators, and solidified one investigator that was having some second thoughts and facing some difficulties from her husband. All in one day! It’s incredible what happens when we coordinate efforts and get out there and work! We were blessed to visit all of the less active members, investigators, and other individuals that were just stumbled upon. Then at 3:00 we had our baptism! Piki was baptized by Elder Vaai and I had the opportunity to baptize 3 of the kids that stay at their house! To be honest I did a pretty poor job pronouncing the names and words for the ordinance but hey practice makes perfect and it will only get better from here!

Sounds like you’re doing well! Have a good Thanksgiving this week! Eat some mashed potatoes for me!

Love you all.

Elder Doran Erickson

Eti, Heki, and Feliua'i with Piki, Elder Vai and Elder Erickson

Eti, Heki, and Feliua’i with Piki, Elder Vaai and Elder Erickson

Piki in between Elder Vaai and Elder Erickson

Piki in between Elder Vaai and Elder Erickson