Bonus Material

Matthew Erickson: Dad, Bennett, and I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail. We did a fifteen mile hike and so I am going to try and get the Backpacking merit badge. Would you do it if you could?

Elder Erickson: Haha Matt to tell you the truth almost every day here is the Backpacking Merit Badge. haha We walk everywhere unless someone has the kind heart to pick us up or we scrounge some extra money for a taxi.


Becky Erickson: …looks like you are super skinny.  Have you lost 30-40 pounds?  Do you have to drink filtered water?

Elder Erickson: idk how much I’ve lost. last time we went to the office and weighed ourselves it was 20 lbs. I’ll try and check soon. And the water is ok to drink from the pipe. as long as there’s nothing floating around in it we drink it. Only because we’re close to Apia though. And the office gives us water every week. Plus if you mix tang in it’s safe right?

Becky Erickson: Not funny about the Tang comment!


Elder Erickson: We’re almost about to leave. We got our 130 Tala for the month and going shopping, equivalent to $65 USD. I love you so so so much!

Becky Erickson: I’ll find some nice reggae and get it shipped right over!  🙂 Love you….good bye, son!

Elder Erickson: Haha no reggae christmas music. there’s enough already. Love you as well mom!