Rule #4: Start Scaring Yourself

The following letter is from Robert to Doran.

I so love the Christmas story in both scripture and song. I sang in the choir this year…if what I produce can be called singing. I was reading in the Lonely Planet book on Samoa “…don’t be surprised if people just burst into song…” Has that been your experience? The program was lovely with 3 harps accompanied by a snare drum and xylophone as the highlight for me…nothing raucous, just gave some feeling to the music.

We were going to be in Charlotte for rugby this weekend, but that tourney fell apart and so only Matthew played yesterday at North Park vs. Atlanta Youth Rugby which has what looks to be a strong – if new – program.

All the college kids were in sacrament meeting today. Sitting on the stand I could look out and see them all. I thought I felt, for just a second, sad that you weren’t with us, but immediately that feeling changed to pride, knowing you are where you are. I am so proud of your growth…I know you aren’t perfect – none of us is – but that you are striving to be the best you can be. Keep pushing, asking the Lord to reveal to you “YOUR” mission. Be the best “You” you can be, not a second rate version of someone else.

There’s a guy I follow who promote “Doing Great Work”. He has a list call “The 8 Irresistible Principles of Fun” and this past week I nailed rule #4. I scared the heck out of myself by climbing on the roof in the dark to hang Christmas lights. I attached my climbing rope to the porch, took the rope over the peak, wearing my harness and shoes, using the grigri for self-belay. I have far less issue with vertical rock that I had on that roof…I don’t know if it was the dark or what, but I fought constantly to not freak out. Then the next day part of the lights came undone and I had to go back up. Freaking out again. I need to sports psychology or something. It’s too infrequent that we truly challenge ourselves; take ourselves to the limit. While I was angry with myself, I also enjoyed very much being out at the edge.

I can’t wait to talk to you this week.