Where Are You Willing To Go?

Malo soifua! U a mai outou? (Hey! How are all of you?)

Things here are great! This past week things have really picked up! Elder Vaituu and I received a referral and contacted a woman about wanting to listen to the lessons. We went and visited her the first day, asked when a good time would be to teach her and she said, “Now’s good”! So that was Wednesday. We taught the first lesson on The Restoration and committed her to pray about our message. Thursday, we taught the second lesson on The Plan of Salvation and brought a Book of Mormon (we were kinda caught off guard when she wanted us to teach her right away). Then Friday we went with the plan of teaching the third lesson. I felt it wasn’t quite right though because that’s a lot of information to comprehend in not much time. So we just went, asked if she got a chance to pray and read the Book of Mormon. She said she had but hadn’t gotten an answer yet. We read Moroni 10:5 again and I asked her how she felt when we shared our message. She said that she felt happy when we came and shared our message. I explained to her that that’s how the Holy Ghost operates. A lot of times he brings feelings of happiness and peace when what we’re hearing is true. If we feel confused and anxious then the Holy Ghost is telling us that something isn’t quite right. She seemed to understand it and so we invited her to continue reading and to pray again. Then tomorrow we’ve got another appointment with her. Needless to say we should have a baptism coming up in the next 2 weeks! I now understand the term ‘golden investigator’. She’s prepared and interested in learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has already said she wants to be a part of this Church. She knows some members and really enjoys the whole atmosphere. I can’t wait to actually ask her to be baptized (probably going to happen tomorrow).

Anyways. That’s the most exciting thing that’s been happening around here. That, and I’m getting more chances to talk to people. I’m understanding them and they’re understanding me! Just earlier today someone actually asked my companion to pass the phone to me and I talked to them. Haha, it is really exciting remembering the first day of the MTC. Walking into the classroom and not understanding anything that our teacher was saying. Now I’m teaching lessons, answering questions, and just chatting with people in Samoan. It’s great to see improvement in myself. And only 6 months in! Not too shabby for a white kid from GA that didn’t even know a Samoan person before I got here. Crazy to think that I’ve been out 6 months on Friday this past week. In our mission (and other missions I assume) it’s tradition to burn a tie at 6 months, a shirt at 1 year, a pair of pants at 18 months, and a suit at 2 years. We don’t wear suits in this mission though, so I’m gonna pass on that one. And the pants will probably be too valuable as well. I’m trying to make it as far as I can with the clothes I brought.

I love you all and wish you the best! Stay strong! Quote of the week:

“God doesn’t care nearly as much about where you have been as he does about where you are and with His help, where you are willing to go.” -Jeffery R Holland

Elder Erickson

My Zone at the Island Christmas Conference

My Zone at the Island Christmas Conference