Do You Have a Question…?

Sekia Samoa! Another great week here in Samoa and sounds like all of you are doing great as well! So for the weekly report….

This week was full of actual scheduled lessons so that was nice for a change! One of our investigators finished the lessons and wants to be baptized but is currently living with a girl but they’re not married (a common thing here on the island). He really wants to be baptized but we’re not too sure if he wants to get married. This next week we’re going to have a recently returned missionary here help explain everything and just keep visiting and loving.
We do have a baptism coming up this Saturday with a man named Mataio! He’s kind of older (upper 40’s?) and his wife and kids are baptized. He really wants to go to the temple and truly embrace the Gospel. We’re going to do a lesson tonight and finish up the rest later this week before Saturday. Say a prayer that everything goes well because you never know what can happen.
We’ve got another investigator (18 year old guy) who likes the lessons and has lots of questions so we’re just continuing to work with him and help answer any questions he has. If you guys have any questions, please send them to me; questions really help drive my studies and focus my mornings. So anything you’ve got bring it on ;).
Also coming up this week we’ve got interviews with President Tolman on Wednesday. Those should be good. I actually sent my StrengthsFinder survey results to him. Hopefully, him knowing more about what makes me tick will be beneficial for my remaining 15 months in the mission field. Also we received a request from a family to help in some marriage vow renewals. A couple from Australia is coming to Samoa to renew vows. They want to have a sweet ceremony, so a family invited us to kind of preside over it. It’s not anything official since they’re already married but that’ll be an experience! Hopefully it all goes through.
Love you all! Love hearing from you and a special shout-out to Kat Bascom as she enters the MTC this week before heading to Japan! Can’t wait for you to join us in the work of the Lord cuz!
Alofa atu,
Elder Erickson
Elder Hayes and I in "I'e Faitaga"'s. Yes it's a skirt. It's pretty much the equivalent of slacks here in Samoa. You better believe I'm wearing some when I get home.

Elder Hayes and I in “I’e Faitaga”‘s. Yes it’s a skirt. It’s pretty much the equivalent of slacks here in Samoa. You better believe I’m wearing some when I get home.