Seki a mea uma iinei i Samoa

Talofa! Ua mai outou? Seki a mea uma iinei i Samoa. Pisi lava le vaiaso. Malosi le galuega i lo’u eria. Sa ma iai lua paptisoga le vaiaso atea. Ma tasi isi mo aso Toonai lenei vaiaso. Toe lua vaiaso mo Elder Siaki. Ou te faamoemoe o la’u soa fou o se tama lelei fo’i. Vave le timi o lenei siitaga. Toe sefulu masina i le misiona mo a’u lenei vaiaso fo’i! Faafetai mo lou lagolago ma fesoasoani. Alofa atu!

Unfortunately you can’t copy/paste that into Google translate so here ya go: “Hello! How are all of you? Everything’s great here in Samoa. Busy this week. The work is strong in my area. We had two baptisms this past week. One other this Saturday as well. Two more weeks for Elder Siaki. I hope my new companion is good as well. This transfer was fast. Ten more months for me this week as well! Thanks for your support and help. Love you!”

Great week this week. Like I said we had two baptisms this past week and that was for sure the highlight. It was Donovan (13) and Johlynne (8). Their mother is one of our investigators at the moment as well. The mother shared with us the day after the baptism that the two kids have a better “peace” about them now. They are not poking/touching/pinching as much as they used too and they’re being more helpful. It’s crazy. When being baptized you’re in the water for about 45 seconds to a minute maybe? It’s just incredible to me how such a “small” and quick priesthood ordinance can change lives and have an influence on those around us when we become more Christ-like.

We had a few more new investigators dropped on us this week by members so we’re really grateful and excited for that. One is a 74 year old man who’s nearly deaf. The guy has trouble understanding Elder Siaki when he talks and he’s from Samoa. We’ll see how it goes when Siaki heads out. Haha I’ve decided to set a new goal. I’m going to fast one day a week to improve my language. I’m at the point where I can understand and communicate but I just want it to be better so I can communicate even more. I feel that I’m at the point where if I can just increase my vocabulary I’ll be pretty good. We’ll see!

I did an exchange with one of the Tongan Elders. We ate dog again :). I’ve now got all the steps and instructions down so we can do it once I get home. We’ll do it in an umu too.

Love you all. Have a great week! The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and everlasting and its teachings provide a level of peace and happiness that cannot be achieved in any other way.

Elder Doran Erickson

Baptism. :)

Baptism. 🙂

Dog on the Umu.

Dog on the Umu.