New Beginning and All-time High

Hey so this past week was pretty great! It was kinda different because Elder Siaki finishes tomorrow but all in all he finished strong regardless. So as of this next transfer: I’m going to be DL (District Leader) and training a new palagi. His name is Elder Speakman. That’s all I know about him. Haha I’m going to Upolu to pick him up and get some training on how to train before coming back over to our area. Should be a struggle but as with any challenging environment it’s an opportunity to grow and learn. I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot from him so I’m excited to take on this calling. Haha hopefully I just won’t stuff it up.

Nothing else too exciting happened this past week. Just trying to continue people’s lessons and move them closer to baptism and eternal life with their Heavenly Father. Oh well I made our ward members laugh this past Sunday when I shared my testimony. Elder Siaki got up to share his because it’s his last Sunday on the mission and he just wanted to share his gratitude and some parting words. Haha ya know. And then I just had to go and share one too because you can’t leave your comp hangin. I got up and said “Uarota malosi o Tafuna (1,2,3) Talofa! *Talofa* Ia, ou te fia faasoa atu se molimau puupuu ma masani ma e le siitia a’u. Aua te popole.” {The strong ward of Tafuna (1,2,3) Talofa! *then the ward replies with Talofa* Yup I want to share a short and normal testimony because I’m not getting transferred. Don’t worry.} Haha idk if that’s funny to y’all but people got a kick out of the palagi.

In other news I’m at an all time high as far as body weight goes. For all of you that told me I was gonna gain well yeah. You were right. Ya boy’s at 230 lbs. Hopefully I’ll be heading to Savaii soon enough to lose it all.

So tomorrow I get to do some time traveling and cross over the International Date Line again. I’m stoked on a quick trip back to Upolu. Should be cool.

Say some prayers for me and my new comp. Haha mostly for Elder Speakman. And the other missionaries in the world. It’s not easy trying to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for all of your love and support. I really do appreciate it.

With alofa and faaaloalo,

Elder Erickson