New Package Guidelines

To date, packages sent via the mission’s PO Box in Pago Pago, American Samoa and USPS Flat Rate Shipping (aka “If it Fits, it Ships”)  have been delivered to missionaries in both American and Western Samoa at mission expense. The cost to freight packages from American to Western Samoa, however, recently increased from $1 USD to $5 USD per kilogram (2.2 lbs) and the mission can no longer afford to fund this service. Packages will still be forwarded provided the sender includes a check to cover the cost of the freight forward.

Elder Erickson is still in American Samoa, so keep (start..?) sending a poor missionary some love and enjoy the flat rate shipping while it lasts.

As of December 1,2015, Elder Erickson has been transferred back to Western Samoa, however, you have two options…ok, maybe five.

  1. Stop sending goodies.
  2. Instead of sending a package, send some money to buy goodies.
  3. Send the package to the PO box in Pago Pago and cover the cost of freight forwarding. See example below.
  4. Send the package directly to Apia (Western Samoa).
  5. Send goodies instead to Elder Erickson’s sister at BYU, or family in Georgia. 🙂

Freight Forward Example: The USPS flat rate box allows up to 70 lbs, so if you can somehow come up with something so dense that it will weigh 70 lbs (fruitcake maybe?) and fit in the box, you will need to include a check for $159 for freight. That better be some fruitcake. 🙂

***To keep it simple, if you plan to send a package to Elder Erickson, send an email to Postmaster Erickson at and we will advise you of your options depending on Elder Erickson’s needs and expected location.