Taro and Soup

First, shout-out to the greatest dad I know. Happy birthday on the 23rd!

This past week was pretty ok-ish. The work is good! It’s actually really coming along. We’re finding some new people and getting some great help from our members. I think they kinda feel bad for the two palagi’s. Haha I don’t mind though. The only thing I’m not too keen on that accompanies that is that we’ve eaten nearly no Samoan food this past week. I mean palagi food is good but my comp needs to learn to love taro and soup. Haha it’s all goods though. I need to tell more people to not speak English with him. Idk if he’ll appreciate it but it’ll be good.

So I didn’t give you a bio on Elder Speakman. Here goes. He’s from the Rexburg Area of Idaho. A town called Sugar City where they actually get two weeks off of school to help with potato (or as he calls them “spuds”) harvesting. He’s number 3/4. He’s got an older brother serving in Hawaii and an older sister that just got married. His younger sister is in high school. He just graduated high school this past summer and then went to the MTC. He’s 18 and I haven’t asked but I’m pretty sure this is his first time away from home. He played baseball. Second Base. He’s about 5′ 7″? 150 lbs? Haha just jokes. Idk.

This next week we’re planning to really work with our ward mission leaders and bishops to try and get some new investigators and help others make that last push to baptism. Should be a busy week. Lately as I’ve been trying to think of what I can do to promote some more success in our area and I’m pretty sure it’s been some slight inspiration but things have just been coming to mind that I should do or whatever. It’s nothing new. It’s all in PMG but the Spirit just has to “bring things to our remembrance” sometimes. I’m really excited to put in some good work this week. Haha I feel bad for my comp but what better way for him to learn than to DO something?

Any suggestions on helping someone help someone else learn a language or be a missionary would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for your prayers and love. The mission would be 10x harder without all the support I have from back home. Thanks so so much. Love yous.

Elder Erickson