They’re Great!

There are sooooo many frogs in Tutuila. When it rains, they really come out!

There are sooooo many frogs in Tutuila. When it rains, they really come out!

Nine more months exactly as of today. Wow, I cannot believe that time is flying by that fast. It’s crazy how at the beginning of my mission counting months was so so so so so so slow. Haha now it’s the opposite. Time is flying and I’m having the best time so far. Serving a mission is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks to all the parents and aunts and uncles and grandparents and leaders and friends that pushed me to this point.

So this past week flew by because it was so full and wonderful. The highlight for me was a leadership conference we had with President Hannemann and his lovely wife. They’re great. I’m so excited to serve with them. The conference was wonderful and I don’t know what else I can really say. I took lots of notes and learned tons but I’ll just share a few things. One quote was “You can’t microwave spirituality”. Meaning that you can’t expect to gain the Spirit by reading a few verses of scriptures and then heading on your way. He suggested that we read/study at least 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon a day or until you feel the Spirit. I really enjoyed that. Read until you feel the love of the Lord. That’s when you know you’re learning and growing.

I know that most of the fam is currently enjoying a cruise so eat some good food and get some good sun for the rest of us that couldn’t make it. Sorry for a short one but we’re headed to Pago to see some museums so that should be way cool. I’m excited. Grandpa Don, expect some forest service stamps headed your way.

Love you all so much.

Elder Erickson