World Report: Conference Weekend

First and foremost I hope you all had a great Conference Weekend. I know mine was incredible. So conference here starts at 5 am. Then at 9 am and priesthood at 1 pm. Then the 5 and 9 again Sunday morning. So tbh we overslept Saturday morning. We did wake up at 6:30 but missed that Saturday morning session. We’ll catch up on it though don’t worry. The other ones were incredible. Lemme take you through some of my highlights. All quotes are from my notes so they may not be word for word.

First with Saturday Afternoon.
Loved Elder Hale’s talk addressed to the youth and YSA of the world. Two quotes I got down were “You are rich if you live comfortably within your means” and “If you are there for the Lord, the Lord will be there for you”.

Elder Holland as always came down hard with the Spirit. S/O to all the wonderful mothers I’ve been blessed to associate with but mostly my own mother who’s had to put up with all of my junk for the past 19+ years. Love you mom.

Elder Foster of the 70 had some great parenting advice that I plan on using. Give that a look.

Elder Martino reiterated that Scripture study opens the doors of revelation.

From Priesthood Session.

Elder Andersen told a story about an Elder Openshaw whose parents and some siblings passed away in a plane crash. He and I were in the MTC together and got pretty close so that was a crazy story to hear. Also Elder Andersen mentioned that “Your faith will grow not by chance, but by choice”.

Elder Bennett shared that if we are willing to act, we will be blessed with power.

President Monson summed up his message in three words. Keep. The. Commandments.

Sunday Morning.

President Monson said “As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions”.

All three of the new Apostles were awesome. The Spirit was way strong for their talks.

Elder Nelson gave a great talk about how powerful women are and can be. S/o to all the wonderful women in my life.

I think Sunday Afternoon was my favorite.

Elder Durrant was incredible with his two pieces of advice that I intend to follow. First : Save money each week. Second : Ponderize a verse of scripture each week. Ponderize = 80% extended pondering and 20% memorization. Both of these things I want to do so this week my scripture is Alma 30:5. What’s yours?

Elder Haynie had a great talk as well about how we all have at some point messed up or “sold our birthright for a mess of pottage” and how we need to endure some uncomfortable cleaning before we may enter our father’s house. Loved it.

Elder Bednar killed it as well explaining why it’s a blessing to have a bunch of old guys running the church. Because they are firm in their convictions and have many decades of life experience and because they may not be able to do a lot of things, the things they do do are of the most importance.

The final closing song even had a message for me. “Love One Another”.

Sorry I know you all watched conference on your own but those are my highlights. I can’t wait till it comes out in print so I can go back and learn more. Let me know your thoughts.

But my favorite part of the week came on Sunday afternoon. After conference and lunch with a family we went to teach a lesson. The first lesson of the Restoration (my favorite). It was my first chance to teach it together with my new companion and the spirit was just there. I could feel it guiding what I said, how I said it in Samoan, how to ask questions, but mostly it was there when I shared the story of Joseph Smith and how he did see the Father and Son. Man. It was so great when I testified and when my companion testified. Words can’t describe how I felt. Haha hopefully she felt something too because she did commit to being baptized but it was just great for me. I think that my belief in Joseph Smith is really the backbone of my testimony. I know he was a prophet and that through him God has restored the fullness of the Gospel. I don’t think I ever really doubted that. I know there were times when it was convenient for me to ignore that and just do my own thing but There’s no doubt that Joseph Smith was a man of God.

Love you all.

Elder Erickson

We had a baptism this week. Faainu is 45 and his mother is a member. He just started coming to church and that's where we met him.

We had a baptism this week. Faainu is 45 and his mother is a member. He just started coming to church and that’s where we met him.