So this past week I decided to accept the invitation from General Conference and choose a verse of scripture to “ponderize”. The verse I chose was Alma 31:5. I really like this one because it states that when we learn the word of God, we’re more likely to follow it. There’s also a quote in Preach My Gospel that states “True doctrine, understood, changes behavior”. How true that is. When we understand the commandments of our Heavenly Father and understand how he wants to protect us and bless us, we’re more likely to keep the commandments.

It was great as well to then ponder about what that “word of God” is. How do I need to better understand the word? How do I need to better share the word in my work as a missionary? How have I seen examples of this in my life?
I loved ponderizing this past week. Like Elder Durrant said in his talk, it gives a better place for our thoughts to go.
This week my verse is James 1:5 in Samoan. It’s so interesting to have the opportunity to learn a new language. Reading scripture in a new language gives new perspective on certain words. I love it.
Hope this short email finds you all well. Thanks for your love and support. Love you all.
Elder Erickson
Quotes from General Conference as Wall Art

Quotes from General Conference as Wall Art