Jesus Loves the Little Children…No, Really.

Reply from Doran to Becky:

Good to hear from you. Haha good to see that Thomas is still Thomas. I’m not even going to recognize him when I get home. This past Sunday was the primary programs here in Tafuna. I almost started crying when I realized that’ll be my last Samoan primary program as a missionary. I just hit me so hard and powerfully as they were singing “I know that our Savior loves me”. It is incredible how many gospel truths are embedded in Primary songs. Truths that some of the most learned individuals on earth are ignorant of but that LDS 6 year olds sing each week. It’s incredible. Treasure your time as you lead the primary for our stake. I know you do. Thanks as well for being a great loving mother. You’re the greatest and I learn from you each week even though you’re so far away. I love you.


Orignial Message from Becky, Doran’s Mother: Thomas had an interesting experience. He came home Friday from school so excited because he had been invited to a birthday party by a kid in his class. Just think, a bowling/bumper cars/laser tag birthday party! He was devastated to learn it was on Sunday. When I asked him what he was going to do. He hung his head super sad, but then it shot up and light filled his eyes.

“I’m going to call Bishop Mills and ask him if he can change church to Saturday,” he excitedly pronounced.

What a darling thought. Thomas knows the importance of going to weekly church. We just have to correct a few holes in his learning on how Sabbath day observance and church go hand-in-hand.;).

Isn’t this indicative of many of us?! We know certain parts of the gospel, and other parts we are still learning. We may not be quite sure about some of the finer points of doctrine, or don’t have a full testimony or understanding of a principle of Christ’s Gospel, but how wonderful it is to have Missionaries, Home teachers, Young Men’s and Women’s leaders, or wonderful parents or siblings who could correct us and show us the right path.

And isn’t this our job. To lovingly correct and teach, even cry repentance, to those whom we come in contact with. When we do this under the direction of the spirit, lives are changed. If we do it because we are proud, judgmental, or think we are just awesome, our efforts bounce like a rubber ball and smack us back in the face. Trust me on this… I’ve been smacked hundreds of times!

The other lesson I learned from this is how children think creatively to solve problems. We all have problems in our life. Disappointments, discouragement, frustrations, but if we look at the problem in a creative/unusual way, perhaps we can think of a solution. It may not be the best solution, or even a viable solution, but at least we’ve tried our best to change the circumstance and make it work. I love that about children. They naturally keep going and don’t usually give up.

Yesterday I went to visit the Webb Bridge Ward and witnessed their primary program. It was a beautiful sight to see over 150 children singing and testify in a very basic gospel truth. The kids were simply darling with the songs that they sing, and the testimonies they shared, and the spirit. Using the teaching of children to teach others can be so very effective.

It has been my greatest pleasure to be a mother of five wonderful children. Certainly they have taught me so much over the last 19 years. They have humbled me, corrected me, filled my heart with love and I’m so grateful to be a mother!


Cruising with the Zone Leaders, Elder Robertson and Afuvai. Elder Afuvai and I started together so it’s been really great serving near him. Oh and I bought a pumpkin cause Halloween.