Lasting Peace and Happiness

Hey so I apologize for not sending long weekly emails for the past two weeks. My bad. In all honesty I just wasn’t up to it. But here comes a good one. Haha not really but we’ll see.

So this past week was really really great for finding. So out of our 3 wards there’s one that’s been dead for finding new people to teach. This past week however we found about 9 new investigators. A family and some more individuals. I’m so happy because honestly I thought there was no way this certain ward was going to reach their goal of 6 convert baptisms by the end of the year. But now it looks like we’re going to reach that and then some. Say a prayer that the new people turn out to be good and stay interested.

Training is both challenging and rewarding as most hard things are. Elder Speakman is doing really well and progressing. We’re really getting along and doing some good work. There are still some things to work on but hey, nobody’s perfect. Especially me.

We’ve got a baptism this coming Saturday, the 7th, and hoping to schedule more this week. The work is progressing and hastening and we’re hoping that some Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer can help soften some hearts.

Sorry. Not very long after a 2 week drought but I love you all. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that there is no other way to receive lasting peace and happiness. It’s such a blessing to declare that simple truth every single day.

Love you all.

Elder Erickson

Just Samoa. Coconuts. Beach. Ocean. Serving the Lord.

Just Samoa. Coconuts. Beach. Ocean. Serving the Lord.