Two White Kids and Religion

17 Months as of today! Only 7 to go! Not that I don’t love the work. Just 7 more months to blow it out and make the most of it!

So this past week was pretty good. Violet’s baptism was for sure the highlight. She was so happy to get baptized. I took me two tries though because she didn’t really want to go under. I will say that as my mission has gone on I’ve gotten better at dunking – in a nice way – people that may not want to be dunked. Just one of the unexpected talents I’ve developed on my mission.

So this past week we also were able to teach one of our new investigators. He and his family are 7th Day Adventist but he came to church with his friend’s family and agreed to meet with us during the week. So we were able to teach the first lesson in their home and it went really well. He’s 15 and usually with that age group they usually don’t want to listen to two white kids talk about religion but he was really engaged and answered questions and all that stuff. It was really good! We’re going to try and get another lesson with him and commit him to be baptized soon. Hopefully his parents are OK with it…

We’ve got a lot of other new people that we’re going to contact this week as well. The struggle right now is prioritizing though the people we have that aren’t progressing vs new potential people. We’re really trying to focus on those that really do want to listen as opposed to those that meet with us because they like to chat or it’s just a nice thing or whatever.

Elder Speakman is doing well. We’re entering week 11 of his training. He’s almost done! Already I’ve seen him improve and grow so much. I’ve seen improvement in my self as well. In a lot of ways I’m seeing how being a “dad” on the mission can help train me for being a dad after. The saying that the mission is like the MTC for real life is so true. I’ve learned so much and have so much more to learn in the 7 months I have left. So crazy and so fast.

I love you all! Thanks so much for your prayers and love and support.

Alofa atu
Elder Erickson

Our baptism this week. 9 year old girl named Violet. She was so happy to do her baptism!

Our baptism this week. 9 year old girl named Violet. She was so happy to do her baptism!

Violet's Baptism

Violet’s Baptism