Back to Upolu

Howdy all! Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now you’re ready to start up your Christmas cheer.

So the big news on my end is that I’m headed back to Upolu tomorrow – I actually arrive the day after tomorrow since I’ll be crossing the International Date Line (3rd time), so I’ll skip a whole day on a flight that take less than an hour. Crazy. I’ll be in my 5th area, a village called Aleisa. I have no idea who my companion is so I guess I’ll be able to go in with no expectations which can be good as well.

I am sad to leave Tafuna. After 6 months it’s started to feel more and more like home, but change is always good as well. I’m happy to go back to true Samoan culture and living though. I’m excited for that. Haha hopefully I’ll still have some solid internet access. Over there you never know. I should have a car though! Going back to driving on the wrong side of the road and dodgin’ pigs. Like pigs pigs. Not police.

Elder Speakman is going to be with someone from his same intake. I’m excited for him. He’s been here for 3 months and has progressed so much. He’ll progress so much more when he has to struggle for it though. Some of my favorite times were when I had to struggle with a companion who struggled with me as well. Should be good.

I’ll let you know more specifics this next week when I know some things for sure.

Love you all!