Lame. No, Really…

So this past week mom took the time to help me remember why it’s important for me to write you guys a letter/report each week. Well I’m sorry to say that that’s probably going to have to wait until next week. This past week we didn’t do anything. Literally. We stayed at home. And it was my fault. Because of the feet sores I didn’t want to have a repeat of last time where I was in the house for the better part of three weeks. I’d rather just wait out one week until we get the car back and my feet are better. The only thing that really does them any good is soaking them in hot bleach water and just resting them so that’s what this past week was devoted too. So a lot of reading books and dozing for the past week. Sorry about that. It did help me stay on track with my Old Testament reading though and I’ve started the New Testament as well so we’ll see how it goes. I should be all goods to finish it by June as long as I just keep with it each day.

So being stuck in the house is the worst. I suppose we are lucky that our house isn’t tiny. I think that the thing that bothers me the most is being confined or limited, by something as dumb as sores on the bottom of my feet. It’s just crazy because it’s a constant argument in my head of the “what could I be doing” vs the “what should I be doing to help in the long run”. I know that resting me feet is what needs to happen but I’d much rather be out trying to find new people/ teach lessons/ meet members that need help/ anything else that missionaries do. It’s just the worst being unable to go out and do my job when like never before the preciousness of time is impressed upon me. Haha you always hear people say that the 2 years you serve your mission is short, and yeah, it is when you put it in perspective but I guess you never really understand that until you serve. I think Dad put it best and correct me if this is an incorrect quote but personal thoughts have been added. The 1st year of your service is pretty much you trying to figure out how to be a missionary. How to teach lessons, speak the language, do planning, how to answer questions, where certain scriptures are, etc. Just figuring out how to be a missionary. Then the 12-18 months are you really hitting your stride being able to talk to people and know how to do stuff. And then the last 6 months are you just letting things flow. You’re able to listen to the spirit more and don’t have to translate everything into English before translating your response. You just let it flow and do what you need to do. I can’t believe that I’m already in my last 5 months. And now to have a week cut out of that because of my dumb foot is kinda hard. It is what it is though. It just helps me resolve to work harder as soon as I get healthy.

Also I’ve decided to finish [my mission] as closely as I can with my original June 28th date. I have yet to get a chance to talk to Pres to finalize it but I feel like that’s the best for me and I feel great about it. Thanks for all the help and council and space to let me choose on my own.

Again I apologize for having such a lame week but it’s better wasting one slow one as opposed to three.

Love you all.

Elder Erickson

Below are some pictures of our house in Aleisa.