Not Health Nor Wealth

Mom, sounds like you had quite a week or as you said, weak. We’re both in a bad way health wise huh?

Sorry to hear about Nancy Wilcox but I agree ‘Families are Forever’ is such a special slogan. We’re so blessed as a family to be sealed for all of eternity. Thank you for blessing my life in that way before I even had a life.

About the early June finish – I’m pretty happy and feel really good about it. I think with that I’ll arrive in GA on June 4th? I can ask again.

Oh and right now I’m living in the office. People are finally helping take care of my feet. I’m in the bunk room here just chillin. Like honestly we don’t do anything but read and sleep. It’s kinda lame but the foot is getting better so that’s good. Tomorrow we’re having a conference with Elder Christofferson of the Quorum of the 12. I’m pretty stoked. I never expected to have a chance to have an Apostle visit our mission. Savaii is coming over too so it’s a pretty big deal.

Glad you got my box – don’t judge me for those daily planners. You even have those in your time?

Love you guys so much. Thanks so much for all you do.

Elder Erickson

PS – I’m keen to give it a go with Brad at BYU. He invited me to live with him at Liberty Square so that’ll be cool. How much is rent tho? cause imma be poor out there in Provo!!!!!


Getting artistic.

Getting artistic.

Moon and Palms Over Samoa

Moon and Palms Over Samoa